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The world’s leading climate scientists have warned: this is the critical decade to mitigate global warming.

The CarbonDrawn Initiative (CDI) provides the regenerative movement in agriculture with tools and services to address this challenge.

CDI offers systems-shifting tools and services, customized to each stakeholder along the regenerative supply chain.

Geni Hub

A disruptive supply chain platform that securely data mines and shares key information throughout the food web, enabling end-to-end management of demand, supply, traceability, quality, and climate impact reporting.

the only regenerative network

Member Network

CDI provides regenerative stakeholders with a virtual social network and collaborative workspace. Signup is free but subject to approval to ensure users are regenerative-focused.  

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Media & Marketing

Our media team, headed by Matt Bartley, brings unparalleled production value to the table in addition to using proven content branding strategies to reach and engage target audiences.